Jake Woznyk

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Social Reconstruction Era

In Africa, elephants are used as working animals. Africans use them to do their dirty and heavy work. This cartoon shows two white men and an elephant that looks like a black person. One of the white men is sitting on the elephant's neck like he's riding it and the other is guiding it. Just like slavery, the white men use the slaves for their farm work and household work. So I think that the elephant is supposed to represent a slave. This also represents black rights. Black people were not equal to whites. This is a problem that will always stay and lurk behind human rights. There will always be people that think less of blacks and create stereotypes about them. This cartoon is supported by the ideal of equality. Every man black and white was born equally with the same ability to live their own life.

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Social Modern Era

The first thing to notice is that there is grandpa new year giving baby new year a screw driver. This whole cartoon has to do with 2013. When it became 2014 baby new year came along and he had to rebuild the nation. Grandpa new year is leaving all of the chaos that happened in 2013 to 2014. This also ties into the reconstruction era because we had to rebuild our nation together just like in the 18 hundreds. The Baby new years size is exaggerated because he is almost the same size as the top of the building. There are also an abundance of what looks like screws springs and ruble.
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Economic Modern Era

In this cartoon there is a picture of our president Barack Obama holding a needle. On the needle it says, "Spending." This cartoon is trying to say how frivolously our president is spending our money. Whenever Obama is in a cartoon his ears are very large. This is an exaggeration of the way that he looks. This cartoon shows how big of a problem this spending is. The cartoonist compares this issue with a drug addicts appearance. This catches the readers eye and helps them interpret the cartoon better.
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Economic Reconstruction Era

Carpetbaggers were northerners that migrated to the south. The reason they did so was because they wanted to gain more money. After the war, the north and south were both poor and out of commission. The thing that is ironic is that in the modern economic cartoon our president is shown as an addict with spending. But in this cartoon, there having trouble with even finding money let alone spending it. This cartoon ties into the rights ideal. This is because they have the right to migrate to the south and live a happier and healthier life.
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Political Reconstruction Era

In this cartoon there are four people tearing up the United States map. These four people were in the 1860 election one of which is Abraham Lincoln. The men are tearing at the part of the map where they won the most votes. It is ironic because Abraham has the smallest part of the map and he won the election. The cartoons heads are very large and exaggerated. This cartoon ties in with the opportunity ideal. This is because these four men have an opportunity to win the election. They also have the opportunity to to run for presidency.
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Political Modern Era

In this cartoon there is Barack Obama and George W Bush. This cartoon is comparing Obamas laid back presidency and Bush's intense one. This is directed toward Obama because he has all of these issues that need to be resolved and he is putting it off to the side. While as Bush is trying to cope with the issues right away with intense anger. I think this is ironic because, both sides say, "Bring it on." But on Obamas side it has filled in words. I think that this cartoon is also trying to say that Obama is a cowardly president. I think this because the cartoonist is comparing former president Bush to our president now and comparing their leading styles.