Massachusetts race

Warren or Brown?

Who is Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown?

Elizabeth Warren is a candidate for Massachusetts senator. She is an expert in law, attended The George Washington University and The University of Houston, and born in Oklahoma city. She is the democratic nominee in this election. Yet she was republican before 1995. She has a family of two children as well. In the race she would like to focus on the middle class, helping people get back in jobs and work.

Our other candidate is incumbent Scott Brown, before senate brown was in the Massachusetts general court. And later strengthened the republican party while becoming senate Brown also has a family with two children and born in Kittery, Maine. He describes himself as a "Reagan Republican" saying he is different from the others.

Who i think will win

What i think

I think that Elizabeth Warren will win this race. She has a 9 point lead in the race already and has had a lead for some time now. And the way she is taking on the middle class is helping her out a lot. Brown is doing well too, but most people are ready to take the road onto a new plan and had a democratic side this time. So i believe with Warren having a 48.0 and Brown having a 46.3 we might a democratic house this time.