Math Department 3rd-5th Grade

Week 21 News/Updates "It's Time to Shift the Cognitive Load"

Shout Outs for attending the ANET 3 Preview

Thanks to everyone that attended the A3 test preview! It was our largest attendance to date! GHAES Arelene and Deborah, FAES Mehul, CAES Allyson and Natasha, WAES Rebekah, Deneia, and Allison! Thanks to Deborah, Michelle, and James for showing their support as well!!!

FYI Math Classroom Walkthrough Look-Fors:

School Leaders, Coaches, and other District Leaders will be completing classroom walkthroughs looking for the following things:

  • Lesson Plans, Workstation Plans, and Pacing Guides Posted in plain sight
  • Daily Objectives posted and matching plans
  • Paper, white boards, manipulatives, journals, etc. on desks in front of students

Trending Growth Area: Teacher Centered vs. Student Centered

This week a major theme emerged across all schools! Classroom observation data is showing that we are struggling to shift the cognitive load. Many lessons are very teacher heavy and teacher centered. As educators in a "turnaround" school setting it can seem impossible at times to allow students more control over their learning and become the facilitator or guide, but it's imperative that we do! The difference maker will be your ability to build students capacity to think and reason for themselves. Below you will find a few resources and videos. Over the next few weeks you can expect extra support in this area from your coach and/or school leaders.

Check out these characteristics for gradually shifting the cognitive load! Challenge yourself to move through these phases daily! Feel free to think of this as your personal checklist.

Big image

If your students are not talking, how do you know what they are thinking as it relates to the content? Check out these two very short video clips that provide more insight around "students doing the thinking".

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ANET 3 Preview Notes Shout to Mehul for sending me his 4th Grade Notes

I loaded ANET 3 preview notes to sharepoint for your convenience if interested. I also loaded a document from the TN Department of Ed that notes which spi's are focus skills (meaning more assessment items on the test) and which are considered "other content" (still on the assessment but less items).

Love Planning and All Things Math?? Have some extra time to spare over the summer?? Check out the link below from LearnZillion!

Resource Hub on Sharepoint-- All QUARTER 3 Assessments have been loaded to Sharepoint and Blank Templates for CPD have been loaded as well!