Hooped' Up

"Hoops" by, Walter Dean Myers

Nothing But Net

The Book “Hoops” by Walter Dean Myers is About a seventeen year old named Lonnie Jackson. He is the Main Character of this book the other main characters of this book is Paul who is Lonnie’s best friend and Cal who is the coach of Lonnie’s basketball team. This story takes place in a old Jain and finch type of area where Lonnie plays basketball on his team getting ready for the citywide basketball Tournament of Champions. There are a lot of mini conflicts of this book like how Paul was acting so suspicious, but the main conflict of this book was that there where heavy bettors want Cal to keep Lonnie on the Bench so there team will lose the championship. The good thing is Cal didn't care because Cal new Lonnie was good enough to make it to the NBA and Cal didn't want to blow his chance.


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