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Norfolk JR. High

By Tate Werner

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Feature story

The Champ
By Tate Werner

Kevin Wayne Durant was born in Suitland, Maryland on September 29, 1988. He is one of four children. He grew up playing for an AAU team in Suitland.He went to high school at Oak Hill Academy in Virginia. He then went to college at the University of Texas. His freshman year there he averaged 25.8 points per game. He also had 20 plus points 30 times and 30 plus points 11 times. He only stayed at Texas for a year and he realized he was eligible for the NBA draft. He was the second overall pick in the 2007 draft, and was drafted by the Seattle Supersonics.The team later moved to Oklahoma City.In his first year in the NBA, he was the rookie of the year. He plays for the USA Olympic Team. He is a top scoring professional in the league. Durant is a three time NBA all-star. His career high for most points is 52 against the Grizzlies.
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Nursery Rhyme story

The Great Fall
By Tate Werner

One late afternoon in Berlin on October 2,1999, Humpty Dumpty sat on the Berlin Wall. Then Humpty Dumpty ‘s yolk was getting very upset, and his yolk tipped to one side and cracked. Humpty Dumpty fell from the Great Berlin Wall. They rushed him to the Crack Hospital in downtown Berlin. Doctor White was very shocked, because he said he had seen nothing like this. Dr. White got out his supplies and went to work on Humpty. He put glue on his shell and tried to fix him, but it was too late. Humpty passed away at 9:15 p.m. His funeral will be on Tuesday, October 5, 1999.

Favorite App: Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft is about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures! Pocket Edition includes randomly generated worlds, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi. You can play multiplayer, survival, and creative mode. Survival is with creepers and mobs which are pretty much zombies, and you have to make all of your supplies from nothing. You have to mine for your supplies. Then on creative you have unlimited supplies of everything and you can build whatever you want.Friends can also join your game, but it can’t be very far away. You have to be in like the same house or room.So as long as you have hands spare and battery to burn, you can build and be creative on Minecraft.
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Movie Review

Warm Bodies Trailer (2013)

Warm Bodies

“R” (Nicholas Hoult) is just looking for someone to love. When Julie (Teresa Palmer) , Nola (Analeigh Tipton) and Perry (Dave Franco) go out and get some medicine in the corps(zombies) part of the city.They get to where all the medicine is, but “R” and a group of corps are hunting . While Julie and her friends are getting medicine, Nola hears something, but they told her to be quiet because it’s nothing. But little did they know it was a group of corps hunting them down.The corps burst through the door and they try to eat them, but they have guns. One of the zombies gets one of the humans. “R” gets Perry and takes him down, and Julie is about to be caught by a corp, and bam “R” hits the corp out of the way, and takes Julie back to where he lives. “R” can talk just a little. After “R” saved Julie they fall into a relationship. But little did Julie and the rest of the humans know that all the corps were getting warmer. They were changing back into humans again.The corps can sleep again and dream again, which they could never do before. Julie leaves “R”, but “R” needs her, because he loves her, so “R” sets out on a little adventure to find Julie. “R” finds the wall and gets through and goes to Julie’s house, and she is at the balcony. He says something and they get “R” in the house as fast as they can.They put some make-up on him to make him look like a human, so the can convince Julie’s dad that they are changing . All the other corps are fighting off boneys, which are corps that have died. Now they know that they are definitely changing and the corps turn back to humans, and they live happily ever after.OH and of course “R” and Julie fall in love.

School Uniform argument

I stand for school uniforms, because no one gets made fun of for wearing the same clothes.Teachers won’t send girls to the office for wearing short shorts, or yoga pants. Also, because kids will be equal, and because everyone looks the same. Lastly, it is cheaper for parents, because they do not have buy all the clothes.