SMORE Anti War

By Caitlyn Kenny

Why Not Peace?

Why do these countries feel that war is the solution? It's most definitely not. Yes they all desire power and more land means more power but that land is nothing once you fight on it. Its going to become destroyed, towns diminished, and innocent lives lost. So is the extra land really worth all of that? No it's not. Peace should be the solution to these conflicts. France and Germany have fueled the fire to this war. Only they should be fighting, not Russia, Austria/Hungary, Britain, and the Ottom Empire. They don't need to be involved. They will create even bigger tensions and even more rivalries will arise. War is by no means the answer! Let's bring peace, not war.

Peace is Our Answer!

War is not our solution. Peace will solve all of the issues causing these conflicts. These young lives need to be saved and cherished. War will only cause more tensions, ruin more land, and throw away precious lives. Think of the young boys and their families, think of the helpless citizens and their homes and towns that will be destroyed from this mayhem. Think of the ridiculous conditions and treacherous obstacles that are on the way to the war grounds. All of these examples are clearly illustrating that war is the wrong answer. Peace is what we need and it is what we shall receive.