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Francis Lowell invented the new system for hiring workers.

The Lowell System

Breaking news! Francis Cabot Lowell invented the new way to hire workers at his mill. This system was founded in Wattham Massachusetts. The system included hiring young unmarried women about 16 years old!

Successful System?

How Successful Was It?

This system turned out very successful. Women from all over the world are coming to the Lowell mill because they wanted to earn more money other than working on the family farm. However, the life in the mill was not easy. Workers had to work 12 to 14 hours a day. There were bells that rang out when breakfast or lunch. Employees had to work fast to keep up with the machines. Dust and cotton resulted in major health problems such as the chronic cough for workers.

Did you know?

  • Sarah G. Bagley founded the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association in 1844
  1. Her main goal was to get the working conditions that all the other workers wanted
  2. She partly succeeded, she did get the workers a 10 hour work day
  3. In 1845, she was elected vice president of the New England Working Men's Association
  4. She was the first woman to get the highest rank in the American labor movement
  • The Lowell girls were spinning thread for a living
  • Apart from the Lowell System, there was the Rhode Island System which the mill hired families