Prime Hat and Tails - Concepts For Organizing A Vintage Themed Wedding

Years ago when I was a young girl I try to remember being entranced by the movie "My Fair Lady". Adorable Audrey Hepburn played the character Eliza Doolitlle, a cockney flower girl with no education who right after getting schooled within the finer arts of speech was transformed into a lady of breeding and manners, at least in the eyes from the outside planet. One particular scene in certain struck my fancy, it was when Eliza and Professor Henry Higgins visited the Ascot race track exactly where all the blue bloods congregated for horse racing.

A gorgeous Eliza (Audrey Hepburn) dressed inside a white and black gown and massive hat was surrounded by Higgins as well as the other gentlemen arrayed in prime hats and tails. It was only when the irrepressible Miss Doolittle shouted her accurate, cockney slang at a horse, that her genuine character upstaged the pretentious character she portrayed. Needless to say the complete movie was a visual feast of a by gone and glamorous era. In today's planet maybe that you are a bride who adores the old world charm and mannerisms of long ago. When the Vintage theme is what that you are striving to make for your wedding ,, it really is now time for you to come up with suggestions to create this extraordinary event come about. First off let's make a decision on your style, place and flowers.


For anyone who is in search of a venue to marry your beloved, select an old church, ball space or a garden. These had been organic locations for weddings inside the Victorian and Edwardian era to take place. Colorful blooms and gilded fixtures embellished these venues and set the stage for elegance. If something, manners and tradition was exceptionally critical throughout this era. Keep in mind, vintage weddings might be fairly detailed and showy, depending on papa's income and position.

Flowers and Reception Decor:

Floral arrangements inside the latter 19th century have been dramatic and lovely. Roses, dahlias, zinnias, sweet peas, violets, buttercups and freesia interspersed with baby's breath and ferns. Brides usually carried nose gays or tussy mussies, balls of ornate blooms tied with ribbons. Reception tables have been laid out with glass or silver vases more than flowing with dramatic and lovely flowers. Tables had been adorned with lace doilies, fine crystal, china and cups. Rooms, carpeted with Persian and oriental rugs had been lit up with chandeliers and lamps topped with fringed shades. Underneath these sparkling chandeliers, couples waltzed and danced quadrilles.

Vintage Apparel:

Vintage wedding gowns could be quiet elaborate according to the bride's status and earnings. Silk, tulle, cashmere or satin. Bustles were replaced with little trains within the latter Victorian era. Brides normally wore veils crowned with orange blossoms. 1 essential point to recall was that prior to Queen Victoria, wedding gowns had been often any colour according to the bride and her culture. Bridal accessories included white gloves, silk stockings, beaded purses, cameo pins and pearls and flat shoes adorned with bows. Guys normally wore stripped trousers, white shirts and waist coats of gray or white with bow ties. Tail coats were reduce away in shades of black and grey. Final but not least, no gentleman of breeding will be observed with out his elegant major hat. Groomsmen wore related apparel as the groom and bridesmaids and children have been arrayed in white or pale colors of pink or mint green tied with vibrant satin sashes. Often little girls wore muslin and boys wore knee trousers.


A vintage wedding served meals fit for any king! Oysters, filet mignon, roast duck, salmon, truffles, sugary cakes and a fine selection of champagne and liqueurs were offered to toast the delighted couple. Just after dinner, gentlemen would slip away to the study or library to enjoy fine cigars and brandy. Wedding cakes had been elaborate fruit cakes embellished with sugary flowers and scrolls and cut to become sent property in boxes with the guests. In reality their might be three cakes, a single for the guests, one particular for the groom plus the other for the bride.

Wedding Favors:

If you are browsing for ideas for any vintage themed wedding bear in mind that Victorians loved giving gifts. Beautiful silk fans, sachets, letter openers, ornate boxes, cigars, handkerchiefs and cameos were beloved favors of selection.

Should you be now prepared to plan your individual Vintage wedding seek out antique and second hand shops. Analysis customs and traditions from the period you have in thoughts. alert your guests should you wish them to dress in old Vintage clothing, large hats, pearls and tuxedos. Prepare invitations on vellum in ornate calligraphy or font. The majority of all have fun. This really is your dream wedding come to life.