Mandatory Rising Senior Meeting

Each Junior required to attend one of these meetings!

A Requirement in February

Each Junior in the Crosby Scholars program must attend a Mandatory Rising Senior Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to preview the upcoming Senior Year, along with the Program and its requirements. Come learn how Crosby Scholars will help guide you through the college admissions process, into the student financial aid process, and finally through making the BIG decision.

To help parents/guardians understand and support the Program’s role in the college admission process, we encourage you to invite parents/guardians to attend with you. However, a parent may not attend in place of a student.

The meeting will be held Wednesday, February 24th at 7pm in Salisbury at the Civic Center on MLK Jr Ave.

Online registration in the portal is now open. When registering, please provide your t-shirt size.

Rising Senior Meeting - C

Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 7pm

315 Martin Luther King Junior Avenue South

Salisbury, NC

When registering through this email, please provide your name and shirt size in parenthesis: for example, Jessica Vess (M).

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Choosing Your Senior Advisor

At the end of the Rising Senior Meeting, you will complete an attendance form and update any of your contact information. Additionally, you will make a decision regarding your one-to-one Senior Advisor. For more details about the Senior Advisor's roles and responsibilities, click here.

The Crosby Scholars Program requires each high school Senior to have a Senior Advisor. Your Senior Advisor will meet with you several times throughout the school year to help you achieve your college enrollment goals. You must decide whether to select your own advisor or be randomly assigned a Senior Advisor by the Crosby Scholars program. Please discuss your Senior Advisor decision with your parent/guardian and receive his/her approval prior to submitting your decision.

  1. SELECT YOUR OWN SENIOR ADVISOR. If you like, you can choose your own Senior Advisor! This person can be a parent, family member, family friend, or another adult in your life. (The Crosby Scholars staff will contact your chosen advisor about the advisor application and mandatory training sessions. If your advisor does not attend a training session, you will instead be randomly assigned an advisor from our pool of community volunteers.)
  2. BE ASSIGNED A SENIOR ADVISOR. If you do not select your own advisor, you will be assigned a Senior Advisor from our pool of community volunteers. (You and your advisor will schedule individual meeting times throughout the school year based on your class schedule and you will be expected to attend each scheduled advisor meeting at your school, during the school day.)