Milo of Kroton

By: Melissa, Michael, Nate and Alexis

His Life

Milo of Kroton was born during the 6th century BC. The main sport he competed in was wrestling. Born in southern Italy, he was raised early to learn how to wrestle and won many boys wrestling champions.

He competed in many competitions throughout his life and is a 5 time wrestling champion. He also won seven crowns at the pythian games at Delphi. He was said to have achieved that the feat of lifting the bull by starting in childhood, lifting and carrying a newborn calf and repeating the feat daily as it grew to maturity.

After his wrestling career was over he decided to fight in a war. He led the charge against Sybaris.

His death

The date of Milo's death is still unknown, but many people believe he got trapped in the woods. He apparently tried to tear a tree apart and got stuck and was eaten by wild beasts. His strength and death have become the subjects of modern art and literature.