YouTube Channel: Dancetastic!

By: Annika & Sonya

Main Goal:

To teach gymnastics and dance skills to the viewers and attempt gymnastics and dance related challenges for fun.

Gymnast+Lyrical Dancer, Annika

Annika started ballet and jazz at age 4 and did it for a few years before starting gymnastics. After doing gymnastics for 2 years, she tried lyrical dance at age 10. Now she is a Level 3 USAG gymnast, and loves to do lyrical and contemporary dance.

Acro+Hip Hop Dancer, Sonya

Sonya started ballet at age 5. Then, after trying gymnastics, liking the style, she started doing acrobatic dance (acro). She started other styles at age 7 and 8. Now she practices acro, hip hop, jazz, ballet, tap, and lyrical.
How to do a Pirouette


The 1-5th week we had only 2-4 videos uploaded.

From March Break to the last week we had 7-9 videos uploaded.

We started with 12 subscribers, and increased slowly toward 16 subbies. Our likes started from 4, and increased to 20, and our dislikes also increased from 1-7.

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We made Google Groups to share our Unlisted videos. We shared all the links and we even sent out special announcements that you would receive in you Gmail.

Our Video: +100 views!

Slow Motion Gymnastics

What we learned

We learned a lot,about ourselves and YouTube. Videos were hard to make, and we didn't get to post as much as we wanted to. We had lots of fun trying gymnastics and dance challenges, but making videos and sharing them was tough. But we stuck together and asked for help, and ended up with a great channel!

Thanks for Watching Our 20% Time Presentation!