Four Regions Of Texas

By~ Riley Vann

Coastal Plains!

The Coastal Plains are very broad and flat. It boarders Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico, Louisisnana, and Arkansas. It has pines and hardwood trees, with warm summers and cold winters. The rainfall per year is 30-55 inches. They have tornadoes and huricanes in the coastal plains so the housing there needs to be sturdy so that they wont get knocked over from all the wind. Coastal plains has the largest population of all the regions in Texas. It also has the largest cattle ranch called King ranch. Some of the Economic Recources are lumber, paper mills, chemical plants, clothing industry ports, and oil. Landforms that are in the Coastal Plains are, the Gulf of Mexico, Piney woods, the Brazos river, the Colorado river, the Rio Grande river, and plains of course. The agriculter here is, dairy, cattle, hogs, pultry, cotton, corn, peanuts, roses, fruit, hay, sheep, wheat, vegetables, and rice. The nateral recources are, fish, shrimp. oil and nateral gas. There are lots of animals in the Coastal Pains, some are, Squirel, deer, javelina, crane, armadillo, Mexican free tailed bat, bobwhite, wood duck, barred owel, quail, and aligators!

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