Just Don't Do It

Nike abuses workers at factories

Nike makes some of the most popular shoes. What buyers don't realize is how badly workers at Nike factories are treated. The truth is these workers, especially in Indonesia, are mistreated, abused and earn as little as 50 cents an hour. Nike admits this is true, but says there is little, if anything they can do to prevent it.
In 1998, CEO Phil Knight promised to treat workers fairly and to raise the earnings every worker made. In 1999, Nike created a group called the Fair Labor Association, a non-profit group that ensures humane treatment of workers, fair earnings, and an age minimum. However, they broke their promise and are still abusing workers in factories, mainly in south east Asia. In July 2011, one worker at the Taiwanese-operated Pou Chen plant in Sukabumi said she was kicked by a supervisor after making a mistake while cutting rubber for soles. The next time you buy a Nike product, consider the conditions the workers endured to make it.