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What is Iron?

Iron is a grayish silver colored, substance. It is a very strong solid metal. It boils at 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit and melts at 2,797 degrees Fahrenheit. Iron is also one of the few naturally magnetic elements. The atomic number of iron is 26. Iron has 26 protons, and has an atomic mass of 55.845. Iron is a metal. Iron can be found in the Earth's crust, in sea water, and on beaches. It can also be extracted from many different substances like taconite and magnetite. Iron is used for many different things, but the most common use of iron is to create things. Iron has the ability to be designed and formed into many different shapes making it very useful. Iron is also a healthy mineral that we can digest in our bodies. Iron is used to form compounds such as nitrides and Selenides. A common chemical reaction that iron has is rust. Over time iron begins to turn to rust the longer it is exposed to oxidation in moist air. Isotopes in iron are 54Fe, 56Fe, 57Fe, and 58Fe.

Why should you buy our iron?

Iron is found all over the place in rocks and minerals. It's usuall color is dark grey or silver. It must be extracted from the rocks and or or minerals that it was found in, and than blasted in a furnace where it turns to liquid form and can than be formed into an infinite amount of shapes to create an infinite amount of things. Iron is extremely common and easy to find. The rocks and minerals that contain the iron are rich in the United States, Brazil, and Australia.

Since iron is so easy for our company to get a hold of, the price we are willing to supply it for you won't be as much as any other company would. Not a high price for the extremely high quality. We will supply for 40,000 a ton (20 a pound). Other iron selling companies will sell at this same price without even extracting the iron from the rocks and minerals and making their buyers do the dirty work. We do the dirty work. Our iron is a great product that would be quite useful and effective for you.

Iron is an extremely reliable metal that would be perfect for your company. Iron is one of the top most abundant minerals on the planet. We will have endless amounts of quantities of iron that you could purchase from us making us reliable. It can be formed into whatever shapes you want or need for your fire pit designs and even more. Every characteristic iron has are perfect for your product needs. Using our iron to create your products is your best choice.