Science Newsletter

May the Learning be With You!

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back to science class. Today is the start of the 3rd quarter (a.k.a. 3rd nine weeks). This week we start a new unit, Unit 4 Energy - Transformations and Thermal Heat Energy. This will be a PBL unit . . . . but . . . . we are going to do things a little different to ensure that all students are doing their work and being successful.

Grades! - Check Your Focus!!

Let's Talk Grades for a Minute.

So you got your report card this week and your not really sure how well you did. You got a 71 first quarter, a 73 second quarter, and failed your semester final with a 65; your semester average says 67, which means you failed science for the 1st semester; BUT your report card says a 70. That means that your teacher gave you a 70. Fear not and Do not lose hope. You will need to work much harder this semester and earn grades of 78 or higher. If you continue to earn low 70's or grades below 70, then there is a good chance you will fail the 2nd semester and possibly the year. . . . . .

SO Let's Work Hard, Put on Our Hard Hats and DO GOOD WORK!!!!


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*** Friday Night School is every other Friday and for students who are failing and/or refuse to do classwork in class.