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This page is just a bunch of fun things and activities that my class is doing.

:There is a Descriptive writing

: Poem for 2 voices (youtube link)

: Abstract poems

Descriptive writing piece

I step on the perfect field cut like you get a hair cut shaped to perfection and fine like lint, i know that’s fine. I am smelling the scent of the fresh pitch nicer than any five star star gourmet chef, but nothing could overcome the hunger for a goal, nothing but the vanilla bubble gum twister ice cream coated with rainbow sprinkles and red gummy bears not just any red and finally topped with a lovely pink bubble gum ball that i’m getting after the game if I score, I know thats some serious motivation. My coach is screaming like a girl at a 1D concert saying we gotta win, like i know that it’s not like we’re here to lose, even though he was screaming loud enough to defend a child almost a mile away, but all i could here was the opposing teams net whispering “score on me” and my mom did say to listen to mysterious talking goal post. When i shift my eye I see the defender marking me the, defender i will end not literally i’m not that cold blooded. The blazing hot sun staring me down with a thousand rays of pure fury, right before the kick off whistle a breeze so nice that fabreeze was jealous comes and the whistle goes!

Information About The Activaties


power is crimson red with a touch of mango

power tastes double flour pancakes

power smells like freshly baked cake

it reminds me of super saiyan 4 goku

it sounds like roaring thunder that only zeus could dream of.

power makes me want to take over the world or maybe beat up caleb

just kidding!

Victory is as gold as heaven and olympus combined

it like dark chocolate bitter but sweet at the same time.

Victory smell like ribs of the BBQ.

it reminds me of hugging my mom

victory makes me want to scream to the heavens.

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