Hieronymus Bosch

Monstrous Spirits and Mischevious Demons

General Facts

  • Born 1450 in Hertogenbosch (Netherlands), died August 9, 1516
  • He spent most of his life in Hertogenbosch
  • His Artwork is in museums all across Europe
  • Not a lot of his life is known
  • He st up his own studio
  • He is a very religious man, and includes nature in most if not all of his artwork
  • Made paintings such as:

-Seven Deadly Sins

-The Magician

-Paradise and Hell

Garden of Earthly Delights (closed): The Creation of the World

  • Created in 1504
  • Can be found in a museum
  • Depicts the becoming of the world
  • I find this interesting because it is a globe
  • Scientific Naturalism-shrubs, trees, and foliage
  • Humanism-the person in the upper left hand corner

Saint John on Patmos, verso: Scenes of the Passion of Christ

  • created in 1505
  • can be found in a museum
  • Crucifixion in the background
  • I find it interesting because I noticed how many of his drawings are in circles
  • Scientific Naturalism-Nature in background and all around
  • Humanism-Depicts the human