Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Resetting A Craftsman Garage Door Remote Keypad

If you are finding for a perfect garage door opener, craftsman works well. It gives more security to your garage because it is access by a remote keypad. It allows you to go inside the garage without using a key this is normally placed out of your garage or even in your home. To have an easy access in operating a garage door, the best way is to use a garage door opener. The homeowner alone can reset the keypad since he is the only one who knows the passcode. In opening it, a correct passcode must be dialed on the remote keypad. Garage door openers can hold different passcodes and this depends on the selection of the owner.

In case you fail to remember your passcode or you wish to change it. Resetting the passcode on the remote keypad can make it more possible. Be patient because this will take some of your time.

Given below are the steps on how you can reset your passcode. This is a big help especially to all the first time garage door opener users out there.

1. Look for the "reset" button of your craftsman garage door opener, it is either blue or red.

2. Make a long press on the "reset" button for approximately 6 seconds, then will shut down the light indicator of your garage door opener which is seen next to the "reset" button.

3. Once more, press the "reset" button and rapidly proceed to the remote keypad outside your garage then put in your new code. After that, press "enter".

4. Finish putting your new passcode and press "enter", observe the light indicator and wait till it flashes because that means you successfully reset your passcode. You are finally done programming your craftsman garage door opener.

It is really important to know more about garage door openers, so if ever a problem arises you already know what corrective actions to do. When you own a garage door opener, you will have the convenience of accessing your garage door as well as enhancing your home’s security. When a garage door problem suddenly occurs and you can't do anything about it, you should call skilled garage door repairman. Visit here!