Digital Citizenship

Social Media Hazza W


People using your facebook and twitter to say humiliating stuff. People setting up fake profiles pretending to be you. People sharing embarrassing photos of you online.

cyberbulling is also people hiding behind a computer thinking no one will find them

but that is not ture because every computer has a IP address.

Here are some people who can help you they are open 24-7 (that 24hours and 7days a week)

kids helpline eheadspace

Online safety

What can you do to stay safe?

If you are online and you are getting cyberbullied you should tell some that you know like your parent some that is responsable to get help.

what are the dangers of using the internet?

Usually you will get cyberbullyed on the internet because the internet can be a dangers

thing to use but the internet can be a fun thing. People on the internet can be you and create an account and pretend to be you on the internet and say mean things to your friends and your friends will not like you because they think it was you. People think this is a fun thing to do but its not a good thing.


Is using good manners, being polite and friendlyonline at all times. it is also being safe and responible while online.