The Naturalization Process

Sterling Dial, Ryan Bearden

The Steps to becoming a Citizen

Beginning the Process

They first sign a statement saying they wont to become U.S. citizen. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS, is an agency of the national government.

Interview and Examination

After the paperwork is checked, the alien has an interview with USCIS official.

Oath of Allegiance

If the application is granted, the final step in naturalization is attending a ceremony and pledging an oath of allegiance.

Ways to lose your Citizanship

The government may strip naturalized citizens of citizen if it was improperly obtained, or gained. 1)Through Denaturalization 2) Through Expatriation 3)By being convicted of certain crimes.

Illegal vs. Legal Aliens

Some Legal Aliens are also not U.S. citizens they are resident Aliens.(Have a permit to stay here for how ever long they want.) Aliens that are legal live life to born U.S. citizens, its easier to hold jobs, property, and go to public school. Legal Aliens pay taxes. Legal or Illegal do not have full political rights.(They cannot vote or be in Juries.)