identity theft

how to prevent it

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what is identity theft?

the use of someone's personal information without them knowing usually its financial use

how to protect yourself

Guard your social security number, PINs, passwords and account numbers
Monitor bank statements and credit card statements
Shred documents
Make sure websites are secure
Be cautious when sharing computers
Guard your laptop, cell phone, PDA and other technology against theft
Keep copies of cards and documents
Treat mail with care
Avoid phishing scams
Be cautious when using the ATM

how someone can steal your identity

the atm may have cameras on top
the keypad may me fake on the atm
dumpster diving
raiding you old computer
stealing your mail

what to do if yours is stolen

report it to a police officer
start a log
Contact the credit bureaus
Initial alert
Extended alert
Active duty alert
Creditor's duty when alert is in place
Review your credit reports
Fill out an Identity Theft Victim's Complaint and Affidavit

resources for more info
which is federal trade commission's website

put together by Xenia Alballero and tips from websides included