AEA Strongsville Weekly Update

Week of May 6, 2020

Updates for The Week of May 6

Important Information:
  • Teacher Appreciation Week - is in full swing, lots of fun is being had. A heartfelt thank you for all the kind words and donations!
  • Forgotten lunch -Please be advised that delivery services (Door Dash/UberEats/etc) and food are not permitted on campus and delivery will be refused. For more information please read on.
  • 6th Grade photo -See some learning in action.
  • Monday is the last day to register for the new Movie Night (June 2) -Please e-mail your youngest child(ren)'s teacher to RSVP. RSVP required so we can map out and plan!
  • Upcoming events -Spelling bees, the art show, Kindergarten Graduation
  • Buddy Bench Cap Collection: PLEASE COLLECT YOUR CAPS! Every cap counts, as your friends, ask your neighbors, ask everyone for caps for our bench!
  • Let us know if you're returning! We are looking forward to seeing you and your students return for another year! Please complete the Intent to Return Form ASAP!
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Teacher Appreciation Week

To the teachers and educators of all job descriptions working at Albert Einstein Academy Strongsville,

"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks." ~ William Shakespeare

I am impressed by the amount of energy and enthusiasm I see every day at AEA Strongsville. Teachers here put so much work into making sure all students at AEA SV are successfully. You are a talented group of educators who want only the best for our students and their families.

My greatest thanks comes from the fact that you are committed to development, unity and community. You endlessly work to improve your practice and your support of our students and each other. It is an amazing place to work knowing that you're all here on the AEA Strongsville team.

Thank you!

-Ms. Emery Boyle-Scott

AEA Strongsville Delivery Policy

No Delivery Permitted

Delivery services such as UberEats, Grub Hub, DoorDash and similar will be turned away. There are a variety of safety concerns that cannot be ignored when considering how schools and delivery services coincide. Delivery services feature unhealthy foods and drinks and invite unknown individuals to our driveway and parking area creating a safety concern. In addition, there is no adequate storage or serving area for food at the school nor are there staff available to distribute the items or keep them separate from others'. We cannot ensure that food items are kept at the correct temperatures. Furthermore, the distribution of delivered food to students disrupts the educational process and interrupts the school day. It is for these reasons that delivery items will be refused.

Please continue to pack a healthy lunch for your child(ren) with reusable or disposable packaging (disposable is preferred) keeping in mind safe food storage practices. Students also require a re-usable or disposable water bottle. We believe family collaboration and chores are meaningful for children and we encourage you to involve your child(ren) in the lunch-packing process in an age-appropriate manner. If a student forgets their lunch please bring or arrange for someone to bring a packed lunch for them. We are happy to coordinate and collaborate with you, please call 440-471-4982 x1701 if you would like to discuss this further.

6th Grade Science

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6th graders pictured here completing a Starburst rock lab as they wrap up learning about the rock cycle in Earth Science this year!

End of Year School Events

Upcoming Events at AEA Strongsville

Teachers and further information will be coming out soon, but we have several events during and after school for parents and students, here's a quick rundown!
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MONDAY is the Last Day to RSVP for Movie Night

Monday, May 10 is the LAST DAY to RSVP for Movie Night on June 2nd. Be sure to email your youngest child(ren)'s teacher to attend. RSVP's are required so we can plan out socially-distanced seating.
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Spelling Bees

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Spelling Bee Information

Your child(ren) should have received a list of possible words for their grade level's spelling bee. These are supposed to be fun events for our kids! You should have received information to attend via Zoom. Your faces will be projected for your child(ren) to see during the event and we are looking forward to a break from our regular school day activities to do something a little bit different.

Save your caps!

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Parent Organization Meetings

EPO Meetings upcoming

Please participate in the EPO -the Einstein Parent Organization. We have a few more meetings this year. Please see this newsletter for more information and to RSVP.
Intent to Return Form

Please let us know if you're returning! As returning students you do not have to complete registration forms for next year but we do ask you to complete this form to let us know that you're returning.