Karl Marx

Jacob dunlap


Karl Marx was born in trier, Prussia which is now known as germany in 1818. He studied philosophy at universities in bonn and berlin. He acquired his doctorate degree in jena when he was 23 years old. Marx lived most of his life in london and he died at age 65 in london.

Karl marx

10 Facts

1. Marx was exiled from prussia in 1849, he went to paris and was expelled from there a few months later.

2. Karl Marx had six children and he loved them all very much.

3. Karl Marx was always sick whether it be from liver pain, headaches, or even bouts of insomnia.

4. Marx wrote the "communist manifesto"

5. He was a doctor of philosophy.

6.Marx was expelled from Prussia, France, Berlin, and Paris.

7. While studying at the university of Bonn h joined a group called the poets club where many of its members were political radicals.

8. One of the top principal architects of modern social science.

9. Known as "the father of communism" and he was fascinated by socialism.

10. Karl Marx did not create communism, he was however the man with all the ideas. Lenin used marx's ideas to create a communist society.