The Effects of Alcohol on the Body

By Annabelle Waibel

20 Facts about Effects of Alcohol

  1. Causes change in mood or behavior
  2. Can cause hypertension
  3. Alcohol weakens the heart muscle
  4. Can cause pancreatitis
  5. Often causes liver failure
  6. Slurs speech and disrupts coordination
  7. Sometimes leads to dementia
  8. Causes ulcers in the esophagus
  9. Long term drinking can can shrink the frontal lobes of the brain
  10. Drinking weakens the immune system
  11. Alcohol causes higher risk of getting certain types of cancers
  12. Can cause steatosis, Alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis, or cirrhousis
  13. Can cause cardiomyopaty, arrythmias, or stroke
  14. Excessive drinking can damage your ability to think, impulse control, or form memories
  15. Alcoholism can cause thiamine deficiency
  16. Severe alcoholism can progress into permanent brain damage
  17. Can lead to anemia
  18. Sometimes causes myocartitis
  19. Can accelerate the rate of bone deterioration, increasing the risk of osteoporosis
  20. Sometimes causes neuropathy
Effects of alcohol on the body.