The Maze Runner

By: Aaron Koch

"If you don't give up and you try hard enough you will eventually succeed"

“I promised him!” he screamed, realizing even as he did so that his voice was laced with something wrong. Almost insanity.” I promised I’d save him and take him home! I promised him!”( Dashner Pg.358) This is a quote in the book “The Maze Runner”.

This was Thomas( the main character) screaming basically saying that he isn't giving up until he does what he promised his friend Chuck. He promised Chuck that he would find him a stable life with a loving family. He wasn't going to let Chuck down so he was going into the maze to get Chuck that loving family and take him home.That shows determination and courage. Even though the other kids didn't think it was safe Thomas knew what he had to do.

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"If you don't give up and you try hard enough you will eventually succeed"

“You get lazy, you get sad, and then you start givin’ up. Plain and simple.” ( Dashner Pg.77)

This quote is also by Thomas. He was talking to Alby saying that if he starts to give up he would forget what they were there to do and what they had to accomplish. He knew that if they all gave up they are basically dead. Thomas had to step up and show them that they weren't finished. He knew he was going to get through this maze and he wouldn't leave anyone behind.

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"If you don't give up and you try hard enough you will eventually succeed"

“I'm gonna save us all! I'm gonna save us from the flare! Don't believe a world they tell ya! I'm gonna save us from the flare, ya here!” ( Dashner Pg.362).

This is another quote by Thomas. He said this to the people he had in the maze. He told them that because everyone was losing hope and getting sick, but Thomas was strong and determined to get through so he motivated them and got them out.

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The Story of Anna Webster

Who: A busy single mom named Anna Webster

What: She passed out one evening and was rushed to the E.R. There she was diagnosed with something called Hepatocelluar Carcinoma (HCC).

When: April 1st, 2009

Where: Jacksonville, Florida

Why: Her potassium levels were really high

How: Her kidneys were failing on her because her potassium levels were too high

What themes do you see reflected in this current issue/event?

I see someone who doesnt give up. Someone who in all odds didnt let cancer beat her. Anna fought threw it and stayed strong. She knew she had to come home to her daughter so she did everything in her might to not scare her and to come back to being her mother.

How do these connections contribute to your understanding of your novel?

It helps me understand what the real them could be and how it affects the people in the story. It showed the overall message and what the author was trying to get at. i think it really made me think about what the overall message of the author was and pay attention to what is going on in the story.

How do these connections contribute to your understanding of theme?

I think that it was easier to find a theme in the article than in the whole story. It was easier to understand and capture what the author was trying to get at. This will help me find themes easier in books to come and help me understand the authors purpose.

How or when have you experienced or witnessed this theme in your own life?

I have experienced this theme in my own life when my aunt got cancer. Everybody in our family was devastated but she wasnt even scared. She told us to not worry and that its just a little cancer and she will be back in no time. She even started to crack jokes, tell stories, and she even made plans for after she got out of the hospital. She would tell us over and over again that she wont let cancer beat her and that she is in charge!

What symbol would represent this situation/example?

I said that a Mocking-jay from the hunger games would represent this example because in the movie it means hope and determination and that's exactly what my aunt had.
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