Dawson CrossFit's Christmas Party!

"WOD" Elephant & Potluck!

Come Celebrate with Us!

On Dec 19th DCF is holding its 2015 Christmas Party, WOD, and Pot-Luck. The party will consist of a “WOD Elephant Exchange”.

DCF Christmas Party / WOD / Pot-Luck

Saturday, Dec. 19th, 9am-12pm

Dawson Crossfit, Dawsonville, GA, United States

Dawsonville, GA

Please bring an unwrapped item you do not want. This item can be from your house or you can buy it (you don't have to spend a lot, at all!) We will place the item under our tree. Participants will then select the item they want. Everyone MUST select an item. In turn, each item will have a WOD associated with it. The item you choose will be the WOD you do. You have a one-time opportunity to “steal” someone else’s item. However, the price for stealing is burpees plus whatever WOD is associated with the item you are stealing. The person you are stealing from determines the items worth in burpees. Once the item exchange is complete we will WOD and after the WOD we will have the Pot-luck.