Batman:Tragic Hero

by William Peart

Who is Batman?

Batman, otherwise known as Bruce Wayne the billionaire, is a crime fighting vigilante who had his parents taken from him because of a man mugging them at a young age. He wanted revenge for this before he became the person and knowledgeable person he becomes as Batman after his training. After his training he gets rid of many crimes in Gotham City, this would include drugs, muggings, bank robberies, and mainly major crime organizations.

What makes him a "Tragic Hero"?

What makes Batman a "tragic hero" is first the fact that he displays nobility, greatness, and virtue in his character of Batman through his actions of fighting crime and trying not to kill in the process. He tries to stop these crimes through finding evidence against them performing this crime, threatening them to admit their crimes through scare of these criminals getting hurt, and the overall crime rate goes down once Batman becomes in existence. The tragic thing is although he has all these splendorous characteristics, he is still not perfect, he often doesn't take the warnings that if he continues the course that the criminals will find the people he cares about and harm them which tends to be a repeating event throughout the series. Not only the people he cares for, but he fails to recognize what these criminals are capable of all in all at times, such as the popular criminal Joker. He often has downfalls, such as him failing to recognize and figure out the Joker's plans and personality fully leads to the death of two people in the movie Batman:Dark Knight where Harvey Dent and the girl they're both in love with is killed in an explosion. Also in this movie people demand Batman to surrender himself because Joker threatens to tear the city apart and cause chaos if he doesn't. The fourth thing that makes Batman a "tragic hero" is that through his actions, he often gets worse punishment than he actually deserves because all he tries to do and is quite successful at, is to protect the city against criminals such as Joker, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and other major criminals.

Six qualities of a "tragic hero"

The six qualities of a tragic hero are as follows:
  • A character of nobility, greatness, embodies this nobility and has virtue.
  • Although the tragic hero is great they're no perfect.
  • The downfall of this hero is partially their fault.
  • The hero often does not deserve the punishment they receive, it is often too harsh.
  • Although the hero fell, it is not a pure loss, they won in some form.
  • Although the tragedy is sad it does not leave the audience in a state of depression.

Quote from Batman.

"He's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the hero it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it."