Vote Breckinridge for President!

Democratic Vice President of President Buchanan

"Slaves won't be hurt, only Free People will be if slaves are freed"

I believe that slaveholders can own slaves in new territories! I've owned slaves before and I am not ashamed of it. Slavery should be legal in new territories!
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Election of 1860

Democratic Party Candidate

  • Nominated by the Southern Democrats knowing he will protect our nation

All About Me

I am the 14th vice president of the United States and the youngest in history to serve at the age of 35. I've served as a state representative in the House and worked in Congress.

A goal of mine is to maintain the Union with the surroundings of Southern succession. I am proslavery and for the southern states, and I will work for a stable Union no matter what.

Daniel S. Dickinson

"I support John Breckinridge!"

I have been the attorney general, senator, and lieutenant governor of New York.