By: Raven Perring

The Best of Mozart - Violin Sonatas Playlist Mix - Classical Music for Studying (Música Clásica)

Musician's in orchestra!

Without the chin rest on the violin you lose control of the violin.

As musicians in music you have to focus on the music, know your fingering, hold the violin correct, and know your notes.
The violin is played by different musicians and a variety of genres like, classic, jazz, country, bluegrass, rock and roll, and soft rock.
In many traditions the music are written and memorized by musicians.

Student's Learning!

Students have to learn to put there fingers of the left hand and memorize the fingerings.

The smaller violins are used by young players, whose fingers are not long enough to reach the positions on a full-sized violin.

Fine tuners on the four strings(sometimes on only one) help you tune your violin.

Strings on violins!

Strings usually have a colored silk at the end of the strings.

The strings start at the top then go pass the bridge and down to the fine tuners.

Most violins have four strings, but there are some violins with as many as seven strings.