Communities In The Past

The Germans

Who Were The Germans?

The Germans were former people emerging from the middle ages. They were originally the Holy Roman Empire. Around 300 independent German/Holy Roman Empire states formed into today's modern day Germany around the nineteenth century.


Germans wanted to immigrate to Canada. Because they are free from the rule of Adolf Hitler ,they can make new lives in Canada and forget the dreadful past. Another reason is to get medical supplies/treatment for the injured soldiers/citizens. Or to get new jobs because they can't work at their old job because they ran out of products and ran out of money, shops had been destroyed and no customers are coming or something like that to list a few. Some people might be coming to Canada to live with their friends/family after the war. WW2 was a war in Europe and another reason for immigration to Canada is just to get away from the war this was a European war and the war is only in Europe.


German politics are different from Canada's politics here is one for example:

In Germany there is a leader The leader is a president. But in Canada we do not use presidents we use

prime ministers as our president/leader. The Germans had a minister called the chancellor. The chancellor is elected from the Bundestag and also many other ministers too. But in Canada we don't have a chancellor or a Bundestag and we elect our minister by a vote/election. There also another house other than the Bundestag it's called the Bundesrat (I don't know how to pronounce it) it's members are not elected but they are members of the state cabinet and they can be removed and added at any times.


The Germans socialized with other people normally. After world war two Germans immigrated to Canada and the Canadians treated the Germans like Canadians because they are immigrating to Canada. Also many Germans had bad injuries so the Canadians had to treat them normally. The injured Germans were called D.P and they had serious problems. They would have gone deaf or they became blind, lost limbs, organs have been damaged, lost ability to speak, or got amnesia and they needed help to get better and live a normal life and it might be hard to recover. Some of the Germans did not know English so it might have been hard for them to communicate with other people.

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Modern Day Multiculturealism

The German culture can show how Canada is friendly place. Canada is a neutral country it's peaceful and Canada does not have slavery or monarchy and definitely not dictatorship! Canada is a free country and everyone from Germans to the Scottish. The German immigration was important because if they did not come many families might be on the streets in Germany and also we wouldn't know German and we would not have German in our multiculturalism. Also Many people weren't that different from someone else we're all humans and we should treat each other like humans.