The Medici family

The rulers of florence

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Background Information

The Medici family first gained their wealth and political power in Florence during the 13th century through commerce and banking. In 1434 the banker Cosimo de Medici the elder (1389-1446) became the ruler Florence through Baile. The Baile were lords in small extraordinary councils. Cosimo was the first grand duke of Tuscany.


One of the medici's greatest achievements was Giovanni becoming one of the wealthiest bankers in Italy before turning to politics. Giovanni was the Gonfaloniet (the head of the council that governed Florence. Another one of Giovanni's achievements was becoming pope Leo X in 1513. One achievement for the whole family was ruling Rome for 19 years while ruling Florence and other areas. They did not rule Rome for 19 years straight they ruled for 8 years (1513-1521) and again for 11 years. (1523-1534)
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Impact on today

One of the many impacts from the Medici's is every generation of the Medici's in the early modern period produced at least one Cardinal. That impacted us because the church plays a big role in daily life. Another impact on today was rebuilding the Saint Peters Church in Rome. This is impacted us because the church is still in Rome today. One more impact the Medici's had on us was having important impact the Medici's had was having the Medici library built and all the important things they had in the library. This library is still in Florence today and some of the things from the renaissance are still in it.

This is a picture of the inside of Saint peters church that Giovanni help to rebuild.

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Interesting facts

-Since the Medici's were dukes the Medici lived in the Plazzo Vecchio. They also owned substantial property outside of Florence.

-In 1478 there was a plot to kill Lorenzo and his brother Guiliano de' Medici by the rival family of bankers the Pazzi family, so they could replace the Medici family. Lorenzo and Guiliano escaped before they were killed.

-Some of the artist the Medici supported were Botticelli,Leonardo Da Vinci, and Michelangelo.


A letter from Lorenzo

This letter was written by Lorenzo between 1426-1522. The letter is about urgent issues in the House of Medici.


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