Mr. Springstroh Times

April 8th, 2016

This Week...

Everyday Math

This week students have been learning to multiply and divide decimals. They have also been working on their rounding and estimating skills.

**Ask your student what is the closest whole number to 5.7? (6)


Students worked with magnets this week and explored the concept of finding iron objects using magnets. They also learned about the concepts of induced magnetism and temporary magnets.

**Ask your student what happens to magnetic force when a magnet is separated by space (it weakens).


Reader's Workshop

We have now begun working with our quarter four theme of innovation and inspiration. This week our students have been learning the difference between the two and discussing why innovation and inspiration are important in our world.

**Ask your student...what is innovation ? (Innovation is improving an invention that already exists).

Writer's Workshop

In writer's workshop we are beginning our new writing project which is creating a brochure. Your student has chosen three inventions that deal with a particular theme (work and play, get connected, on the move, medical marvels, or at your convenience). They will be using these inventions to create a brochure on their theme.

**Ask your student...which theme did you choose? What inventions from your theme did you pick?

Be Connected to Our Classroom

Kutz Dairy Farm Field Trip

Coming home with your student on Monday will be a permission slip for our upcoming field trip to Kutz Dairy Farm in Jefferson. On this field trip students will receive a tour of the farm followed by a complementary lunch. The cost of this field trip is $2.00 per student and $2.00 per chaperone.

Permission Slips will be due by Friday, April 22nd.

Purdy Palooza

Information came home with your student about Purdy Palooza. Our PTO is planning this first annual event to raise money for Purdy Elementary School's new playground equipment and field trips for classrooms.


On April 15th students will be completing many different activity stations that promote health and wellness. Parents, other family members, and family friends can sponsor students to participate in this event. The PTO is hoping to receive a $10 sponsorship for each student at Purdy Elementary.

Thank you for your support!

Forward Exam

On Tuesday, March 15th information was sent home about the Forward Exam. Some ways that you can help prepare your child for our testing dates are:

  • Help them get a good night sleep before the testing day
  • Eat a healthy breakfast the morning of
  • Encourage them to try their best

We will be testing the following dates:

  • April 18th & 19th - ELA
  • April 21st - 22nd - ELA & Math
  • April 26th-28th - Math & Science
  • May 3rd - Social Studies
  • May 5th - Social Studies

Important DAtes to Remember

April 15th - Purdy Palooza

April 19th - Purdy Arts Festival & Scholastic Book Fair

April 22nd - Field Trip Permission Slips Due