SPECIAL EDITION: August 18, 2017

Pilgrims on the Way of Truth: Focusing on What Matters

On Wednesday, we welcomed our incoming freshman with our official Freshman Orientation day. We began our day - and our freshmen's high school career - by celebrating Mass together.

Fr. Caliente led the service by sharing a most profound incident that occurred just Tuesday night - the night before - here in Woodstock. On his way home from Marian Central in the early evening, he came across a terrible accident on Rt. 47 and 14. A young man on a bicycle had been hit by a car. After parking and running over to the scene, he came across two other young men who were there too. They had seen the accident, stopped their car, and were providing help as best they could. These two young men are seniors at Marian Central. An ER nurse also stopped to offer assistance. This woman is a Marian parent. Together, these two seniors, the Marian parent, and Fr. Caliente offered prayers and came to the aid of this young man until the first-responders arrived.

This is what should fill our hearts about our school community. These two senior boys - on their way home from grabbing a burger together - showed kindness. Our Marian parent showed kindness. Sadly, the young man succumbed to his injuries. We pray for the repose of his soul, and we pray for his family. We also pray that they may somehow take comfort knowing that this young man was not alone.

Fr. Caliente's message to our incoming freshman - and all of our students: be kind, always. As a Marian family, let us remember to be kind in our thoughts, words, and deeds.

As our Marian community reflects on this, we felt it was important to keep this separate from the day-to-day business of school. Our 39th Edition of the Friday Focus will be sent tomorrow.