Come to our event

the dank meme club

The time has come

This day has been planed by all our dank meme masters like

shia labeouf, pepe the frog, sanik, orange man, and john cena.

this will be the most dankest event you will have ever been to

The Dank Meme Club

Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 4am

Crack House clubhouse, new jersey

Best place you can become dank at with your host



3:00am Gathering all dank hosts

4:00am gathering all dank enough guests

6:00am John Cena gives speech

6:30am Dank Meme Party begins

12:00pm Jarramison the dilivery boy hands out Dank Juice to all guests

12:30pm Dank Juice drinking contest

1:00pm Part continues

12:00am Party ends

NOTE: must have parents pick you up

This party was made by Dankpartyplanners

DankPartyPlanners is happy to help our dank meme champions

get rekt scrubs