EMP2 - L33T Index

What is Effective Communication?

A two way information sharing process which involves one person/party sending a message that is easily understood by the receiving person/party, if they don’t understand the message that is trying to be received you can adapt to the situation and trying sending the message again in a different manner.

General Communication

Under general communication we have to consider ways in which people communicate. If I speak to a customer I immediately have to consider their level of understanding, age which could influence their level of knowledge and experience, culture so I don’t say something it could be deemed offensive, language to insure they understand what I say in English if I am better speaking slowly, etc. Include cultural differences such as understanding someone you are communicating with might have a different native language then yours

Adaption – Adapting how you communicate with the person in the current situation.

Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication is when talking 1 to 1 or 1 to many reading off the audience of how they react to what you are saying, For example are their body posture showing they are paying attention to what you are saying, Are they nodding to say that they understand what you are saying, Are they asking questions which shows they are interested and listening to what you have to say.

Written Communication

Written communication consists of communicating via Email, Messages, Written letters etc. Grammar and spelling is are very important, its gives off a professional image to whom you are writing too. A good structure will help you to express yourself more clearly, content of the writing needs to be pathetic and related to what you are writing about. Make sure you proofread what you have written to make sure no spelling errors or mistakes.