cyber bullying / internet saftey

olivia jazz

what is cyber bulling

cyber bulling is when people get bullied online even threatend which can make many people commit suicideby jasmine k

why is there cyber bullying

reason for cyber bulling is because we have so many people that are easily influenced by others, todays generation has gotten worse its because people get more dumber stupid they say there being cyber bullied its there fault maybe if they didn't give away so much personal info about them on their accounts this wouldn't happen and skanks wanting to get with guys on the net really thats dumb these days we have kids teens hating their parents why all because they arnt allowed to get facebook twitter instagram and why because parents now how dangerous these things are by jasmine k

how can cyber bulling affect a person

cyber bullying can affect people buy making them scared worried even kill themselves they would also be to worried too tell their parents whats been happeningby jasmine k

why do people choose to cyber bully

+well i believe that people choose to cyber bully because they have nothing eles to do or because they like to scare people they know someone who they very much dislike but the main reason would be is because they know how much people are to  scared to tell anyone whats happening by jasmine k

personalities and looks

many people may decide to cyberbully a person because they may look weird to them or they have personalities that are better than theirs so to make that certain person fill like everyone hates them one imparticular person would get a gang of people to cyberbully and thats not cool dont ever cyberbully because of looks or better personalities or even because they are cooler than you

how to prevent yourself from being cyber bullied

its very simple dont ever talk or answer any questions from someone when you dont know them or never answer a personal question even if you know that person and to be even smarter dont even make any messaging accountsby jasmine k

cyber bulling videos (by jasmine k)

Cyber bullying


all three videos represent the effects of cyber bulling and the things that happen to the people who are being bulliedby jasmine k
Cyber Bullying Virus

olives work below

hello im olivia cozis and below is my work of subject cyber bulling

what is cyber bulling

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why is there cyber bulling

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how can cyber bulling affect a person

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why do people cyber bully

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how to prevent yourself from cyber bulling

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