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Northern Region Teacher Shout Out


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CVCS's Ms. Lisnich's AMAZING Read Alongs!

"Ms. Lis" was looking for a way to increase her virtual presence and participation, and she succeeded in a major way. Please check out the link for her read along section. These videos are a fantastic way for students to connect to teachers, participate readily in TEXT-BASED discussions, and facilitate student confidence. Make sure to click the link!


OHVA HS English teacher: Michelle Boyed

Michelle uses her USA Test Prep benchmark data to guide instruction. Once assessment results are populated, Michelle uses this information to adapt content, and personalize learning to students’ needs. Michelle is skilled at using the Group Management tool in the LMS, and creates learning groups based on her data results. Students receive content that is tailored to where they are in their learning by adjusting the pacing of the course to remediate with the students who need more help, and increasing the rigor for those students who require more extension/enrichment in their learning path.- Julie Leahy

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Take a look at this fantastic slide from MVCA's Amy Stirling and Nicole Ehle's Chemistry class. TEXT BASED LEARNING IN SCIENCE! GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!
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New Lesson Alert: Scientific Method

Kristin O'Brien, of ISMN, submitted a PowerPoint for the Northern Region Teacher Toolbox. You can find this PowerPoint at under SHARED DOCUMENTS > GRADE 6 > SCIENCE > EMBEDDED INQUIRY > SCI 6A CC1.
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ISMI's Kristen Williams

Student shout-outs, questioning techniques, modeling of inequalities, and student involvement are all a great way to make Algebra I meaningful to students. Check out ISMI's Kristen Williams keep her students engaged and involved. Check out the screen shots (below).


This slide is great in many ways!

  1. It looks just like a white board in a traditional classroom with dry erase markers to boot!
  2. The classroom “norms” are posted on the top of the slide and used on several intro slides. (This is helpful especially during the first week of class when you are trying to “set the tone”. These can be visual reminders to the students, like the classroom rules that would be typically posted in a brick and mortar classroom. They are small enough that you can use them on the top of each slide throughout the lesson.)
  3. White board tools snapshot. (Some students have difficulty locating which tool to use on the WB. It is helpful to take a screenshot of the WB tools, insert them into your lesson, and highlight or point to the tool that needs to be used.)

Many thanks to Allyson Dunn, Sarah Schubring, and Melonie Porubsky!

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Summer Shelton is the Instructional Specialist for the Northern Region. She loves technology, teaching, and really great lattes. She is here to support the teachers and coaches of the NR by promoting best practices in online instruction.