Growth of Japanese Culture

A Golden Age Of Literature and Drama by JT

The Types of Drama

Japan has a long history of drama. Japanese drama was established in the early 600s and is still going on today.

There were 3 types of Japanese Drama in The Golden Age.

  • First, when the drama was invented, the drama was Shinto dancers
  • There is noh. Noh is drama that mostly retells legends and folktales
  • Another type of Japanese drama is kabuki. Kabuki is drama that has melodramatic singing and dancing. It is performed by men.
Noh performance

Japanese Literature History

When Japan split relations with China, they formed a new culture. A great time of Japanese literature started in the 800s. People today still read literature from early Japan.

Japanese poetry is normally about rejected love or beauty of nature. Japanese poetry is also very short compared to other countries.

One type of poetry is haiku. Haiku poems have 17 syllables and 3 lines. The first line with 5 syllables. The second with 7, and the last one with 5. And most of the haiku poems are about nature.

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The Tale of Genji

The Tale of Genji was written by Lady Murasaki Shikibu. It was important because it wasn't mythical thing, it was about a person. Before this novel, the other books were myths, or collections of stories.

Murasaki's novel, The Tale of Genji, contains detailed decriptions of Japanese life. It is an important source for historians.

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Japanese Writing Systems

A way Japan made drama, poetry, and other literature, is with their own writing system. This was important because:

  • It came from China, but the Japanese made it different. Just like the culture was different.
  • They used those characters to identify objects, actions, or ideas.
  • They still have different characters today.
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