New York!

The 11th colony.

Founded in 1664 by the Duke of York.

  • New York was founded by the Duke for the trade of furs.
  • New York was named after the Duke.
  • It became a place to work; there were jobs from hunting - farming - building.
  • It's economic gain was the motivating factor of the colony's existence.
  • Prospered because of the good trading set with the Indians.

Beginnings of Colonial New York..

  • The land was originally inhabited by a Native American tribe & then taken over by the white people, which were the Dutch. The Native Americans & Dutch got a long very well making it a unique place for everyone to work.

  • The land was very fertile & ideal for farming. The British wanted it from the Dutch, that never worked. New York was completely taken over by the English in 1674. Became a royal colony in 1685.


  • New York was situated between the Puritan colonies of New England & the Catholic colony of Maryland. Settlers were of many faiths, but Protestantism was the main religion due to the fact that the Dutch & English were Protestant. They were separate from the Roman Catholic Church & followed the principles of reformation.
  • Settlers were allowed to have a lot of religious & economic freedom.

Important roles played in the making of New York

  • The Duke of York - He made sure the original territory was granted to him.
  • Henry Hudson - Captain of the first vessel to ever sail the New York waters.
  • Peter Stuyvesant - Last Dutch governor of Colonial New York.
  • Robert Fulton - Created first successful steamboat in New York.
  • Alexander Hamilton - First United States Secretary of Treasury, from New York.

New York Becomes a States!

Friday, July 26th 1776 at 8am

New York


New York was finally ratified & became a state.