The best spanish food in the country!

The breakfast is usually sweet but can be very doughy. The cute little cafes are great for a family meal. Madrid is also known for its magnificent flautas and chile reyeno. The world wide famous Fresca de Sol surves fresh sun bread. So be there for the burst of flavor!

Enjoy the best of the best art museums?

The capital of spain since 1562. Very religious city; they are a type of christian. Also, 97% of Madrid is roman catholic. Churches practice many things but are very traditional. History is waiting for you!

Get ready to salsa!!!!

You can travel Madrid in a decker bus! Fiesta de Sol: a festival where children come to a park to fly kites. Bullfights was born in Spain. Its also known for its spicy music. The entertainment will blow you away!

History that you just cant handle!

Teonto Real (opera house) built in 1818 built by Cuatodio Moreno. Another great place to visit is Plaza de Oriente is a beatiful place in the east of Madrid. Madrid has historical sites dating back to the 18 centary. There is also a site in Madrid called The Walls of Madrid. These are the landmarks to blow your mind!

The other way to communicate other than dance!

Castillian is spains official language, it is a fairly easy language to learn. Many people in Marid speak with a "th" or "ss". The spanish usually speak very fast and connected.


Amazing weather for the family!

Madrid has very hot summers and cool winters. Its also very wet, so make sure to bring a umbrella! Bring shorts for May, June, and August. There isnt a lot of snow there. You will love the weather there!

FUN FACT ~~~ August is usually the hottest month!