fun & fitness for all ages

Perfect for all fitness levels

Group Fitness is a fun, motivating, highly exhilarating military style indoor / outdoor training program for 1 hour per session, designed to challenge all aspects of your health and fitness.

It's intense training that will give you serious results: increased cardio fitness levels, reduced body fat and increased muscle tone.

You will also sleep better, have more energy and in some cases feel more confident and motivated in all other areas of your life.Group Fitness is suitable for all types of fitness levels and abilities. It is challenging and fun at the same time.

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The cost is $10 per session for non-members and $5 per session for members

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Hours (Staff on Duty)

Mon - Thurs 6.00am – 8.00pm

Friday 6.00am - 7.00pm
Saturday 8am – noon

Extended Hours- Members Only
Monday – Friday 5am – 11pm
Saturday 7am – 7pm
Sunday 7am – 7pm

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