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November 13, 2015

Flying into 2nd Quarter!

We can't believe that the 1st quarter is complete! This year is really flying by! Thank you for all of the support you give to your child's education both inside and outside the school walls. With our amazing digital learning initiative your child has had opportunities for learning that most school districts can only dream of! Watching your children become accustomed to the iPad and seeing them use it to maximize their learning and challenge themselves is such a great sight!

A few important reminders:
  • Grades can be viewed this evening! Please take time and have your child log in to Power School to share his/her progress! Please remember that your child's learning is developmental and seeing "2's" on the report card is NOT a bad thing! It means that your child is starting to grasp the concept and is working towards the "3"- 4th grade concepts start to get difficult your children are working very hard!
  • It's getting cold! Please send appropriate outerwear for recess!
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Introducing Mrs. Erno!

Hello 4th Grade Families!

My name is Jenna Erno and I am the new student teacher working with the 4th grade team! I am really excited to be back at Forest Glen and looking forward to a wonderful second quarter. Before I started student teaching, I worked at Forest Glen for three years as support staff. I then started off the 2015-2016 school year at Bay View Middle School working with 7th graders. When I am done with my student teaching at Forest Glen, I am hoping to sub within the district. I will be graduating in January with a major in Special Education and Elementary Education.

On a personal note...My husband and I love going to our cottage in Pembine, WI. We enjoy spending time outdoors with our two dogs, Champ and Remi. We are most excited about our growing family...we are expecting a baby boy in March!

Education's Purpose Is To Replace An Empty Mind...With An Open One---Malcom S. Forbes

Math-We assessed multiplication strategies on Thursday! Next Monday, we're diving into Unit 3 Division! It is crucial that your child practices his/her multiplication facts even for 5 minutes a day! This will really help their abilities to solve equations accurately!

Writing-We've got exciting news to share! Our FIRST piece is just about ready to publish! Your children have been working extremely hard on developing their writing skills! They are working hard at becoming "better writers today then they were yesterday!"

ELA-This week we have focused our mini-lessons on setting SMART Goals to be successful! (Specific, Measurable, Action Plan, Realistic & Timely) OUR TEAM ZAVTOP Goal that we decided on is: "We will be self-starters in the morning and get right to work by coming into the classroom, logging on to Schoology and place ourselves in the room where we will not be distracted."

Science-Give me a P-H-E-O-C!! What's that Spell? Scientific Method! This week we continued to practice completing the Scientific Method throughout a few different experiments. At this point, your child should have a pretty good understanding about the importance of "PHEOC" in experimenting! Next up: Electricity

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