What Dont Your Friends have?

By: Kara Cope


Its were they make you think that you'll be the next big thing. And what do you do? You buy it so you'll be noticed and everyone will be like "She stands out!"

Coca-Cola Bear!

Are you a coca-cola fan? Are you unable to afford the extra coca-cola stuff because it's over priced? Well here at walmart we have the coca-cola bear for $5.99! Best price you can get and it's coming out December 20th! Be the first to have it! You'll be better with your new and low priced bear first! Sells start at midnight!

Rhetorical Triangle

Speaker: Walmart

Audience: Coca-Cola fans

Purpose: To get lots of people to come and get their new low priced coca-cola bear.

Rhetorical Triangle Questions

Who would be most likely to buy this product? People who love Coca-Cola stuff or people who want that kind of stuff

What kind of person would be most persuaded by the headline you created? People who have friends who always have everything and now they want to be the first to get something cool.