The Longest Ride Play List

Written by: Nicholas Sparks

Song 1: Take Your Time- Sam Hunt

At the beginning Sophia is forced to go to the rodeo with her sorority sisters. After the rodeo Sophia and her friends go to the dance and Luke starts talking to Sophia and asks if she would like to go out sometime. She said yes and they go and have lunch a couple of days later. As it becomes night Sophia tells Luck that she has an internship in a couple of months in New York. Luke is obviously falling for Sophia and wants her to fulfill her dreams.

Song 2: Cowboys and Angels- Dustin Lynch

Since Luck is a country boy and Sophia is a city girl this song fits perfectly. Being from the city Sophia has never ridden a horse before. Luke then takes Sophia to the farm and shows her around. After showing her around he saddles the horses and take Sophia riding for the first time and she thought it was fun.

Song 3: Young and Crazy- Frankie Ballard

Luke is at a rodeo about ready to draw what bull he will ride in the finals. Before going in the building he opens a piece of mail stating that Ira had passed away. When drawing a chip for the bull draw he pulls out Rango. In the beginning of the book Luke had this same bull and he got severely hurt making him sit out for a while.

Song 4: Paint Me a Birmingham- Tracy Lawrence

I thought that this song really fits Ira. In the book Ira got into a really bad car accident. Luckily, Luke noticed something in the ditch while he is taking Sophia home. Ira was trapped in his car slowly going to die if nobody would have stopped. As Luck was pulling Ira out of the burning car he kept saying "box". Sophia had no idea what he was talking about until she looked in the front seat and seen a box. While Sophia sat in the waiting room she opened the box and it was full of letters. These letters were from Ira's wife from when he was in the army. This song fits great because of how Sophia read Ira the letters while he was still in the hospital. Also knowing that Ira's wife loved art this song is about wanting a picture painted and being back in her arms again.