Times News

By: Jordan Hughbanks

Culture of the 1920's-

In the 20's culture took a turn. Women cut their hair short, and wore 'scandalous' outfits that showed their legs. These women were given the nickname of Flappers. In the past, women were told to stay at home and to run the household when the husband wasn't there. They were to dress modest and lady-like, which was the complete and total opposite to what Flappers were trying to do.
Another change in the culture of the 20's is the art and music. Called the Harlem Renaissance, art and music at the time were being dominated by the African American. Jazz came from this era. In fact, the 1920's are sometimes called the Jazz Era, along with being called to Roaring 20's. Jazz was loved because of its free, swinging sound that made it easy to dance to. The Charleston actually was danced to jazz.


The 1920's were often called the Roaring 20's.

Economy of the 1920's-

In the 20, economics boomed. People had found this new way to buy the latest things. It was called credit. Many people would buy something expensive, like a car, and pay only for part of it, then over time pay for it fully by using credit. This made many people become indebted.
Another thing that happened to the economy during the 20's is that the sale of alcohol ceased. In fact it became illegal, though it didn't stop people from getting their hands on it. Those people were called bootleggers. There were secret meeting places, called speakeasy's, that were bars so that you could get beer and other alcohols.