How to use

Instructions by: Stephanie Winchester

A site for behavior management!!

This site is a great way to keep kids on task and working hard! This works in a classroom, daycare center


1. create an account

2. add your student's names

3. create your positive and negative traits or actions

4. finally, give points to either reward them or take them away depending on student behavior.

More Stuff for ClassDojo

1. You can have the students take pictures to be on the site or have them choose their own monster photo to personalize it to each student.

2. You can make reports and download them onto an excel spreadsheet.

3. You can invite parents to show them how their student is doing in your class.

4. You can do weekly and monthly reports.

5. You can take attendance.

6. You can create an open communication between you and the parents who would like to be involved.


  • create point based systems such as coupons for passes and free time
  • make different classrooms for different activities
  • can incorporate it into a math addition lesson by having them add their points each day and then count the total and write an equation for it for the younger children.
  • They can also use subtraction such as if you need 40 points to get a coupon how many more would you need...

Here are a few more ideas...