The American Revolution

British V. Americans

British V. Americans

The British were well trained, experienced and well equipped. While the Americans were not trained, experienced or well equipped. Some how though the Americans won against the British?

Reasons and Advantages to Why the Americans won against the British

Some reasons and advantages to why the Americans won against British were that, America had General George Washington who wanted independence from the British and made the plan for the Continental army to do "defense" when fighting in the war. He was the rock that held the Continental Army together.

Another fact is while the army had theirs doubts, and wanted to give up, George Washington read them the Pamphlet "The Crisis" which brought up the army's confidence and reminded them what they are fighting for. The advantage the Americans had that the British didn't was camouflage unlike the British who wore bright red coats that you could see in the winters white snow. Over time the Americans got help from the French. Marquis de Lafayette who helped the army and brought more men over from France to fight with the Continental army and also helped gain the help and trust of the french. Many slaves also joined in the Continental army. Baron von Steuben was a man that helped train and discipline the Continental army. With all this help and support the Continental army was becoming something great!

The British weren't worried about losing at first..

It took lots of will power and the strength to keep on going for the Americans in the Revolutionary war. Many men died from being killed, disease, and starvation. What all those men did for Independence and America was extraordinary

How did the Americans winning the Revolutionary War Affect other Parts of the World?

All the hard work and dedication the Americans put into the Revolutionary war was worth it because they won! It was the battle of Yorktown were the British surrendered. The Americans winning the Revolutionary war created the Treaty of Paris. The Treaty of Paris was a document signed between the American colonies and great Britain ending the Revolutionary war on September 3rd of 1783. The treaty of Paris stated that the 13 colonies were free of Britain and could govern themselves and basically represented America as an Independent nation.