Cantrell's Social Studies


Curriculum Night and Open House

September 10 is Curriculum Night and Open House. The Time is 6:00 to 7:30. Come and follow your child's schedule.
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Weekly Reading Assignments

First Period: All of 109-134 should be finished by tomorrow. [Wednesday] We started last week. Do not forget to answer the questions.

All other classes:

Tuesday: 116-117

Wednesday: 118-119

Thursday: 120-121

If you did not finish last weeks reading you should finish it first. Don't forget to answer the questions.

Create A Country: Part 2

Students were given the instructions to Create a Country: Part 2 today, Tuesday. The project is due on September 12, next Friday. Please read over the directions with your child and help them remember that there are 6 components to the project. Each component counts as roughly 8 points on a 50 point scale. In other words, missing one component will drop your score by over 1 letter grade.

I am in the process of grading part 1 and I am seeing some very creative thinking.

School Pictures

I have had some parents ask me about Picture Day. It will be on September 9.