2015 Year In Review

Alyssa M.

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#1 Best Product - iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s, released September 2015, introduced a new way of using the typical iPhone. The 6s has 3D Touch technology allowing essential tasks to be preformed more simply and easily. Live photos allow you to savor your memories in more than just a still picture. 1080p video camera gives the same resolution as a professional Nikon or Canon camera. The 64-bit A9 chip gives the phone the same speed as a desktop computer. Lastly, the design is made with 7000 Series aluminum, the same used in the aerospace industry and is now mad with 'gorilla glass'. This was definitely the most innovative technology of 2015 in my opinion.
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#2 Best Product - Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida is Spanish for pure life, a Costa Rican philosophy which encourages the appreciation of life’s simple things. "Slowing things down, celebrating good fortune, and refusing to take anything for granted embodies this laid-back lifestyle". The jewelry is handcrafted by artisans in Costa Rica, making them extremely unique. Pura Vida has already donated more than half a million dollars to 190 charities overall. Many of their bracelets and anklets are sold out and they have a huge following all over social media, most of their website are people modeling their bracelets through pictures on Instagram, just showing how popular and successful they were in 2015.
Consumer Alert: Hoverboard catches fire & causes major injuries

#1 Worst Product - Hoverboards

Universities, Airports, Schools, and Australia have already banned the use of hoverboards because of their danger. Hoverboards are fun and the 'thing' to have right now, but they also present a huge danger. Real hover boards that work and are safe to use cost are $700-$800, but some people want to keep up with the trend and don't want to pay the hefty price. These people buy 'fake' hover boards for $200-$300 that are mass produced and are extremely falty. 'Fake' hover boards have already burned down several houses in the US and Australia. Some hover boards are even catching fire as people ride them. These accidents have been broadcasted on networks like NBC and FOX news. These examples are what make the the worst product of 2015.
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#2 Worst Product - Wen Hair Care

Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean was started in 2003 and just recently have their been business threatening allegations. "According to some consumers, the WEN line of hair care products caused them to lose their hair at what they described as unusual and alarming rates." Chemist are still looking into if the ingredients in the products are actually the cause of the hair loss, but any bad publicity of this degree is terrible for the company. After I heard the news, I made sure that I would never buy a Wen product because of the slightest chance my already thin hair could fall out!

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Top Movies - Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect (1) was so good that buzz for another one was in the air. Pitch Perfect 2 was released in May 2015 right before the summer. This was THE first movie to use Snapchat to promote the movie, attracting more than 300,000 friends on Snap. On opening day, over 6 million people used the 'Pitch Perfect 2' filter in their own Snaps. $69,216,890 was grossed on the opening weekend.
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Top Movies - Avengers Age Of Ultron

Avengers already has a very loyal fan base, so millions were already buying their tickets on presale. Avengers partnered with companies like Gillette, who even marketed their new 'Hulk' Razor is partner with Avengers. Subway has had a long partnership with Marvel, so many of their commercials featured Iron Man and The Hulk to attract customers in both direction of Subway and the movie theater. They also have Twitter accounts where the actors act as their character to get fans even more excited about the release.
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Top Artist - Dr Dre

Dr Dre grew up in Compton, LA where he taught himself how to DJ and formed N.W.A with Ice Cube, MC Ren, Eazy E, DJ Yella. Since then, he's released several solo albums and most recently, Compton album. Dr Dre has a net worth of $750 million and is one of the world's most successful people. He sold beats by dre to Apple $3.2 billion in 2015 adding to his success. His final album Compton, attracted million of buys and he will continue to be the 'Dr' of music and sign many artists to come.
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Top Artist - Drake

Drake reached 100 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2015 and the year is referred to "The Year of Drake". He released on solo album, If Your Reading This Its Too Late, and an album in partnership with Future, What A Time To Be Alive. 'If Your Reading This Its Too Late' became the first album to reach a million purchases in 2015. He has social circle including Seahawks Quarterback, Russell Wilson, and Warriors star player, Steph Curry who market him just by posting pictures. Drake got a lot of publicity for he alleged relationship with Women's Tennis #1 player, Serena Williams and now actress and singer, Amber Rose. Combined with his music and publicity he definitely had a very successful year.

Top 10 NHL Goalies of 2015

Top NHL Goalies 2015 (last season)

1. Carey Price - Montreal Canadiens

2. Tuukka Rask - Boston Bruins

3. Henrik Lundqvist - New York Rangers

4. Cory Schneider - New Jersey Devils

5. Braden Holtby - Washington Capitals

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New Year's Resolution

Personal Improvement - spend less time on my phone!

Family & Friends - spend more time with the ones that I love!

School & World - maintain over a 4.0 GPA