eQUIP for January 12, 2018

for the Academic Journey of e Schooling

Learning Coach, Let's Add JOY to Every Day!

eQUIP......Tools for empowering YOU, the Learning Coach!

We’ve all been there. There are days when we really need JOY to rejuvenate us and bring life into our school days. How do we step back, gain control over complaining, struggles, and challenges? The antidote is JOY! Joy motivates. Joy revives. We all need that this winter!

This edition of eQUIP encourages you to add the spark of joy. Sometimes we have to push through the hard work and persevere until the reward of joy comes. Often joy is right there in the day to day process, but we need to recognize it, develop it, and use it for our students. Joy multiplies when you foster it, and will come back to you, too, LC!

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How Parents of Online Students Should Prep for School Success

Starting out the new year in an organized and well-planned way can have a big impact on school success. Parent and Learning Coach Emerald Zeitz, whose daughter is excelling at Colorado Preparatory Academy, shares these tips for other parents:


Let's Start 2018 Full of Positive Possibility!

In this edition, eQUIP is aiming to energize every Learning Coach with the HOPE & JOY that comes from CONNECTION.

  • CONNECT with the OHVA Family through Face2Face events
  • CONNECT with your teachers
  • CONNECT with your students
  • CONNECT your students with their lessons.

When we CONNECT with one another a positive attitude emerges and HOPE & JOY flood in and fill us.

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School Connections & Support

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HELP...SUPPORT...ANSWERS -- Walk to Class

Are you struggling as a Learning Coach? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Do you need some added support? You can find real help with K12's WALK to CLASS.
CLICK HERE to join OHVA Boosters!

What an amazing way to ENGAGE! Won't you join us?


eQUIP is specifically designed to help Learning Coaches successfully educate their Ohio Virtual Academy students.